Increasing HIV cases among mothers and babies : what should we do ?

HIV and AIDS is a pandemic that cause health effects   Socio-economic and political.

Cases of people infected with HIV / AIDS in the Islands Province, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) increased over time, like an iceberg phenomenon, which is troubling the people.

Until the August 2016, person with (PLWHA) most are housewives (IRT), which is 780 people, following the second private sector workers 610 people, farmers 410 people, as well as commercial sex workers (CSWs) 155 people. It was submitted Daily administrators KPA NTT, Gusti Brewon. And   105 babies in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) was detected suffering from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) .     Of this amount, most are in the city of Kupang and Belu district, the rest are scattered in other districts in the province based on   these islands.

Cases were first discovered in Belu district in 2004.

HIV-AIDS cases in Belu until the month of August 2016, amounted to 764 cases could be identified. Only data from January 2016 until August 2016, there is the addition of 73 cases, (recorded HIV and AIDS 41 32 total 73).

Noted, the risk of transmission is still dominated housewife, totaling 312 people.             Belu regencies consists of 12 districts. The entire District in Belu had been infected with this deadly disease.

On 7th September, PERDHAKI disseminate HIV / AIDS to the Religious Leaders. These  event, was attended by the Bishop  of  Diocese    Atambua.

At the last event, there are testimonials from people living with HIV   (PLWHA)  One testimonial giver is a child who was 9 years   old. He was still in elementary school. Both the child’s parents have died of HIV / AIDS, when the child was an infant (aged 2 months) He was brought  up and nurtured  by her grandmother.

In an effort to reduce the number of transmission of HIV/ AIDS in Belu  regency  from spreading,need to build intersectoral partnering, among  religious institutions, inter-Social Organization (NGO), together hand in hand, tackling the deadly disease.

Hidh incidence HIV/AIDS  in NTT, especially in the group of  housewives, would threatenfuture generations,  it is  likely  transmit  the virus to the  baby thet will  be born. (gr 4 )

Sekretary of the National AIDS Commission ( KPA) NTT, dr Husein Pancratius said, in the last 10 years ( 2005 – 2015 ) as many as 1062 residents NTT died because of  HIV/AIDS. These  are People  with HIV who were registered while those not recorded, the number are still very much more   numerous than the data that got from the Health Office. Furthermore he said that people with HIV/IDS ( PLWHA), majority  aged between 20 and 35 Years old ( 10 percent of patients with HIV/AIDS  adolesence)

Tnat’s  why  “ sosialization need to be held in schools, villages, groups at risk, community Organization  and religious  institutions.

Now we make the mapping  of the spread  of HIV/AIDS in the Belu Regency, especially among the housewives,  we  would like to strengthen these group   with give them awareness about   the condition and situation, so  they  be able to perform action to  prevent  transmission the HIV virus from others.

We hope,   be able to  eradicate the virus  HIV by the year 2050.

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            Cumulative number of cases of HIV /AIDS  in NTT  – 2012 ( in 22 districts) ( graf.1)

The  spread of HIV / AIDS  in NTT is  extremely fast.   In Belu Regency  we can see,  untill August   2016   the number of HIV/AIDS cases  are  949.

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                The cumulative  number of  HIV/AIDS cases in Belu Regency   till  August 2016.( graf.2)

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Para tokoh Agama peserta sosialisasi HIV AIDS di Keuskupan Atambua.


Para tokoh Agama peserta sosialisasi HIV AIDS di Keuskupan Atambua


(Rasti, 9th) foto bersama Bapa Uskup Mgr. Dominikus Saku dan Sekretaris KPA Prop.NTT, dr.Husein Pancratius


(Rasti, 9th) sedang memberikan testimoni di pandu Sr.Margaretha,FSGM dari Perdhaki Pusat