Editorial 2008

Eye care programs to prevent blindness caused by cataracts drew the interest of donors. This enabled the number of Perdhaki member units providing this program to double from 7 hospitals last year to 14 hospitals by the end of 2008. The return of sight that was experienced by those who had the operation gave them a great increase in the quality of life. It also brought a sense of pride and achievement to the units and also promoted them in the eyes of the public.

The ease of the mother and child health (MCH) program which has been going on year by year has made people aware to evaluate their health care. It made people dare to ask to be served in their own communities. In return the provider was able to ask the people to become more responsible in living healthier lives. This dialogue in health care was only possible because of the continuing sponsorship of the MCH program.

Because of the above, Perdhaki participated to promote and proclaim the “Stand Up and Take Action (SUTA)” campaign. Perdhaki as a health nongovernmental organization (NGO) has initiated many activities to help the underprivileged. Now the question is what should the other stakeholders do, especially the government, to achieve the goals of MDGs by 2015?

The smaller member health units still have a large opportunity to care for their own local community, especially as the church is now developing the church’s basic community (komunitas basis gerejawi) groups. Health messages and programs could be integrated into the church’s program in the local community gatherings.

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